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TvhPlayer is designed to make your TVHeadEnd live TV streaming experience as smoothly enjoyable as possible.

Key features of TvhPlayer

Streaming Live TV

TvhPlayer is designed to stream Live television broadcasts from TVHeadEnd-based backends over both the internet and your local network. It is designed as a native application to allow easier and more fluent channel browsing than the standard AJAX-based interface to TVHeadEnd, as well as streamline content playback over less reliable connections, such as when travelling.


Please note, TvhPlayer requires an existing TVHeadEnd instance to be set up.

Minimum required TVHeadEnd version: 3.9.x-4.0.x
Typical amount of uplink bandwidth required for SD channels over the internet: 6 Mbps
Typical amount of uplink bandwidth required for HD channels over the internet: 15 Mbps.

When the minimum bandwidth requirements are not met, the application will still work using WiFi or a wired network. However, streaming remotely over the internet will be impaired.


Support can be obtained by contacting